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0 5 (SCIE)Se Hun Lee, Jae Hoon Bang, Jichang Kim, Changyong Park, Myung Sik Choi, Ali Mirzaei, Seung Soon Im*, Heejoon Ahn*, Hyoun Woo Kim*, Sonochemical synthesis of PEDOT:PSS intercalated ammonium vanadate nanofiber composite for room-temperature NH3 sensing, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 327 (2021.01.15) 128924.
0 4 (SCIE)Vanish Kumar, Sanjit Manohar Majhi, Ki-Hyun Kim*, Hyoun Woo Kim*, Eilhann E. Kwon, Advances in In2O3-based materials for the development of hydrogen sulfide sensors, Chemical Engineering Journal 404 (2021.01.15) 126472.
0 3 (SCIE)Myung Sik Choi, Han Gil Na, Jae Hoon Bang, Ali Mirzaei, Seungmin Han, Ha Young Lee, Sang Sub Kim*, Hyoun Woo Kim*, Changhyun Jin*, SnO2 nanowires decorated by insulating amorphous carbon layers for improved room-temperature NO2 sensing, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 326 (2021.01.01) 128801.
0 2 (SCIE)Sanjit Manohar Majhi, Ali Mirzaei, Hyoun Woo Kim*, Sang Sub Kim*, Tae Whan Kim*, Recent advances in energy-saving chemiresistive gas sensors: A review, Nano Energy 79 (2021.01) 105369.
0 1 (SCIE)Sanjit Manohar Majhi, Ali Mirzaei, Hyoun Woo Kim, Sang Sub Kim*, Reduced graphene oxide (rGO)-loaded metal-oxide nanofiber gas sensors: An overview, Sensors 21 (2021.02.14) 1352.