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0 4 (SCI)Hyoun Woo Kim*, Han Gil Na, Ju Chan Yang,Simply heating to remove the sacrificial core TeO2 nanowires and to generate tubular nanostructures of metal oxides,Chemical Engineering Journal, 170 (2011.05) 326-332.
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0 2 (SCI)Changhyun Jin,Hyunsu Kim,Han-Youl Ryu,Hyoun Woo Kim,*,Chongmu Lee*,Subwavelength Optical Resonant Cavity-Induced Enhancement of the Near-Band-Edge Emission from ZnO-Core/SnO2-Shell Nanorods,The Journal of Physical Chemistry C,115(2011.05) 8513-8518.
0 1 (SCI)Doo Young Kim, Jian Wang, Ju Chan Yang, Hyoun Woo Kim, Greg M. Swain*,Electrolyte and Temperature Effects on the Electron Transfer Kinetics of Fe(CN)63/-4 at Boron-Doped Diamond Thin Film Electrodes, The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 115 (2011.05),10026-10032.