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0 5 (SCIE)Nam Ho Kim, Ju Hyun Myung, Hyoun Woo Kim*, and Chongmu Lee, Growth of In2O3 thin films on silicon by the metalorganic chemical vapor deposition method, Physica Status Solidi (a) 202 (2005.01) 108-112.
0 4 (SCIE)Hyoun Woo Kim*, Surface cleaning effects of silicon substrates by ECR hydrogen plasma on subsequent homoepitaxial growth, Materials Science Forum 457-460 (2005.01) 4067-4070.
0 3 (SCIE)Kyung Chul Lee, Nam Ho Kim, Beom-Hoan O, Hyoun Woo Kim*, Annealing effects on the structural properties of gold films on Si by the RF magnetron sputtering, Materials Science Forum 457-460 (2005.01) 3923-3926.
0 2 (SCIE)Nam Ho Kim, Hyoun Woo Kim*, MOCVD growth and annealing of gallium oxide thin film and its structural characterization, Materials Science Forum 457-460 (2005.01) 3377-3380.
0 1 (SCIE)Ju Hyun Myung, Nam Ho Kim, Hyoun Woo Kim*, Structural properties of sputter-deposited ZnO thin films depending on the substrate materials, Materials Science Forum 457-459 (2005.01) 1825-1828.